Warrington Town 2 - 0 Mossley

Who knew that apathy could have a positive side?

My current state of ennui regarding Mossley, especially the away fixtures, meant that I turned down the chance to cheer them on/passively observe their latest outing at Warrington. And what a good decision it apparently turned out to be.

The early messages filtering through about the game and the performance as Mossley went behind, and further behind, to goals from set pieces weren't good. Far, far from good in fact. But compared to some of the first hand accounts I've heard in the forty eight hours since the match took place, even those initial comments seem wishy-washy and non-committal on just how bad we actually were.

There's a report on the game here (another one here too) and I'm just thankful that having heard what happened (or in Mossley's case didn't) I didn't have to write it; one thing I'm not particularly known for is my diplomacy after a bad performance. Actually that's not true as I can be pretty level-headed after one. It's when there's a string of them that I begin to lose the ability to write with tact and... well, we haven't exactly been ripping up trees or even weeds recently have we?

So instead of standing in a strong wind at Cantilever Park, getting slowly depressed and not a touch angry at the display produced by a team I support, I was sat at home, unconcerned, watching old Trevor and Simon clips on YouTube and £7 richer than I would have been. Honestly, I could get addicted to indifference.