Ossett Albion 2 - 0 Mossley

We lost. Again.

What? You want to more than that? Well if you do then, my, have you come to the wrong place!

Instead of freezing my feet off at Dimple Wells, watching Mossley's most recent efforts to put further distance between themselves and the top of the table, I was at home; my dad's birthday taking precedence over matters football. Although that said, I very much doubt I'd have been there if such an occasion hadn't coincided with the game.

Therefore with not having seen the match, I can't give you any indication as to whether it was a noble defeat or the latest in the ever growing line of miserable displays and results. However, that's not to say that I don't have an opinion on it, I'm just not putting it on here. Yet.

Various accounts of what went on exist in various places on the internet. The official report gives one version of events while the twitter updates and forum reactions from the supporters who went give a somewhat differing view. Drawing my own conclusions from the sources available leads me to the following:

It was a game of little incident in which Mossley failed to break down a poor Osset side. And given that we've also failed to break down poor Cammell Laird and Warrington sides this season, I think the p-word is an adjective that can also be applied to us.

Thanks to their 'one dimensional' game plan though Ossett tooke the lead with twenty minutes remaining and added a second not long after, leaving Mossley with a hill too steep to climb in order to rescue the game; a situation not helped by the only forward in the sixteen man squad having long since been substituted.

So the spiral continues and sadly at the moment not in an upwards direction. Instead we appear to be riding a nutty log round the toilet bowl of the Unibond First Division North and heading for NWCFL sewage system. If we can't improve then our only hope is for some of the stools we're jostling with block up the u-bend before we get there. And given that these sides are currently beating us, it's not a hope that can be considered great.

Oh well, if we can't claim three points off the second worst side in the league, lets hope we can beat the worst on Saturday when Salford turn up at Seel Park. Or at the very least hang on for the draw.