Mossley 2 - 1 Radcliffe Borough

I've been so under the weather this week that I completely forgot about the report for Mossley's midweek President's Cup match against Radcliffe Borough. And I'm not in a position now to do a report on it either because I wasn't there.

Sadly my situation at the moment meant that I had to miss my first home game (be it league, cup or friendly) for nearly four years and my second in well over ten. I was kept up to date with events throughout the game though and to be truthful (and to my selfish happiness) it doesn't sound like I missed much.

To put it briefly: First half dull until Radcliffe were awarded a penalty, which was missed, just before the break. Just after the break they took the lead but goals from Lee Blackshaw and Danny Egan meant that it was Mossley that progressed to the next round of this prestigious competition. And yes, prestigious should be read in as sarcastic a manner as possible.

If you want some meat to put on those bones than I suggest that you head here

Still a cup's a cup and any silverwear will always be gratefully accepted at the end of a season, no matter how small the initial desire to win it was.