Different Shaped Balls

It's not very often that I read the rugby league story on the back page of the Oldham Chronicle (i.e. next to never) but as I was glancing over tonight's article, a piece about the Oldham Roughyed's signing someone new to the sport, a name in the opening paragraph of the article caught my eye.

The reason why was because that name was one shared by a former Mossley player. At least that was what I initially thought. Reading the details made it apparent that it was the former Lilywhite.

And the ex-Lilywhite in question? Anthony Bingham

Anthony Bingham scores the goal that was to ultimately win us the NPL First Division

He didn't stay at Seel Park long (he left during the 'week of the long knives' in the early part of the 06/07 season) but in his 26 game spell he proved to be a very popular player and as the caption to the above picture states, Bingo was the one who scored what turned out to be the title winning goal in the 2 - 1 win over Bishop Auckland in 2006.

If you want to know more details about how he turned on his back on football for the lesser of the two rugby evils, then follow this link to the story on the Roughyeds website.

He's one player I wouldn't have minded seeing back in a Mossley shirt but good luck to him though on his new career path and I hope he makes a success of it.

I wonder how long it will be, given the legion of Australians plying their trade in the sport over here, before Fraser Robinson gets a trial with them too?

No, that's unfair... I'd quite like the Roughyeds to do well.


Mike Smith said...
8:10 pm

"Lesser of the two rugby evils" - gaaaa - bunch of tarts them league buggers ...