As Seen In Ljubljana, Cluj-Napoca...

The second league meeting between Mossley and Wakefield at Seel Park last season was notable for a few things:
  1. It was the final match of a long, arduous and often fraught campaign.
  2. The 0 – 0 scoreline meant a rare clean sheet for a side that had conceded 100 goals in the league.
  3. The match was one of the dullest 90 minutes of football that many have many will have had the misfortune to witness.
It wasn’t therefore much of a surprise when the highlights video of the game I did turned out to be as popular as a three hour recording of a session of the Welsh Assembley that had been dubbed in to Kernewek.

In the five and a half months it had been online only 35 people had bothered to watch it, the last viewing coming in July. A total which even for the Mossley videos I’ve stuck on YouTube is pretty low.

At least that was the case until Wednesday of last week when all of a sudden it was watched by over 350 people in the space of 24 hours.

Thanks to YouTube’s statistic service which lets you know how viewers have stumbled across the videos you’ve uploaded, I was able to see exactly where the sudden number of people interested in the video had come from and that’s when things got even weirder.

I was expecting most, if not all, of the sudden influx to have come from an English football site – virtual ground hoppers – but no. All of the visitors had come via a Brazilian, a Polish, a Mexican, a Romanian and a Slovenian news/sport website, apart from a few who'd watched it through the Brazillian arm of Orkut, Google's own social networking service.

And the infuriating thing is I’ve no idea why.

I've searched all the sites as best I can and I can’t find anything that links to the clip. There's no trail of breadcrumbs for me to find out why a video containing no goals, bloopers or anything else of interest suddenly had five international websites pointing their readers to it on the same day.

There's a chance that they all decided to run a “the most boring football video on YouTube” piece at the same time but the odds on that must be infinitesimally small.

So if you ever find yourself browsing the above sites (you never know) and stumble across the answer as to why this happened, I'd be grateful if you could fill me in on the details because it's got me well and truly stumped.


Mike Smith said...
8:48 pm


One possibility - cus I've noticed certain strange patterns (especially midweek) on blog stats - I believe it may well be down to "online betting sites" - every now and again I get groups of "hits" on the blog (often Monday night) that are coming via Google searches - as if they're hoping that a blog site might get a result up quicker than a foreign bookie site...just a thought....

(Or maybe SJNR means something naughty in Serbo-Croat !!!)


SJNR said...
10:28 am

It's a possibility as, like you, the blog occasionally has a surge of visitors from betting forums, but this seems a bit different.

The conclusion I've come to is that all the sites must share the same random football clip generator and a week last Wednesday, it was this videos turn.

It would also explain why all the viewings came in a 24 hour time frame if they change the video once a day.

But that's just a theory and a 'grasping at straws' one at that.