Best Laid Plans, Etc...

I had originally intended that the next update to this blog would be a few statistics pertaining to the season just gone.

However, when you spend most of your day working with spreadsheets, the last thing you want to do when you get home is bury your head in even more numbers whilst negotiating the exciting world of multi-sheet functions. As a consequence the work that needs to be done keeps getting put off in favour of more exciting things such as the new Indiana Jones film or jet washing the wheelie bin.

The reason as to why this isn't that list of numbers detailing goal times, etc. is because I promised something to a couple of people at last night's Mossley AFC quiz night after a few of the early questions had a Sylvester Stallone theme.

That something in question is a clip from the Turkish remake of Rambo.

Yes, you did just read 'clips from the Turkish remake of Rambo'.

It's a no-expense spent production that really has to be seen to be believed. It's hard to pick out a particular highlight but things to look out for include the RPG launcher that does a spectacularly hopeless job of launching RPG's, as well as some of the worst on-screen deaths ever committed to celluloid in the name of entertainment:

And as an added bonus, somebody has gone to the trouble of condensing all six Rocky films into a much more palatable five seconds (-ish) running time:

Oh, and by the way, the new Indiana Jones film isn't that bad - in fact it's better than you probably would have expected. The 'mcguffin' isn't a particularly strong one and the ending is a bit of a let-down, but the balance between humour, sentiment and action (the equation which has let down many of the wannabe films such as The Mummy and National Treasure) is perfectly weighted.

It goes without saying that there are leaps in logic that you shouldn't spend too much time thinking about, but an early scene that includes the caretaker from Scrubs and Jim Robinson from Neighbours does briefly make you think you're watching an Indiana Jones film from an alternative dimension.

Anyhoo, fingers crossed, the next posting should be those statistics. Or it could be about the Eurovision Song Contest...