Stats Entertainment 2007/08

Later than planned (much later) here is the second annual Mossley80 statistics bonanza.

Its not quite as comprehensive as it could have been but this is offset by the fact that you are getting this for free. Therefore any complaints are automatically deemed null and void. ;-)

If you want to make comparisons to some of last years figures, they're available here, so without further ado:

A few other things of note:
  • Like last season, over a fifth of the goals Mossley conceded came in the last ten minutes of matches.
  • Mossley lost every game at Seel Park in which they kicked towards the Park End in the first half.
  • The longest period of time they went without conceding a goal was 202 minutes between 03/11/07 and 17/11/07.
  • Conversely, the longest period of time they went without scoring was 335 minutes between 13/10/07 and 03/11/07.
Any other information that can be gleaned from the above statistics I'll leave up to you to provide.

And that's that for Mossley80's penultimate piece about the 2007/08 season. Or if you're only interested in posts that have an element of seriousness about them and/or some relation to football - the final 2007/08 posting on this blog.