A Strong North-Easterly

In a league that has restructured under the pretence that it'll mean more local games and less travelling for its member clubs, you’ve got to feel some sympathy for Newcastle as they make their second lengthy trip of the season down to Seel Park. Still, rather them than us, eh?

Their previous visit back in September finished with them heading back to the North East with absolutely nothing to show for their near 8 hour round trip and it would be nice to think that history will repeat itself again at the weekend.

Blue Star at present reside in the glamorous position of eighth in the league (well it's more glamorous than twelfth), six points away from a play-off spot. Whereas Mossley are still looking for their first win since beating Bridlington in December. Hmm... Brid are a north eastern-ish side so maybe the arrival of Newcastle will help us to complete the circle on our 'annus (so far) horribilis'?

Anyway, there are more pressing concerns for Mossley at the moment. Some of the whispers heard at matches recently regarding the financial state of the club have today (Friday) been confirmed in story carried by the Oldham Evening Chronicle. It's a bit of a beggar when you have to read about it in the paper but it's nice to have some light shed on the road we're currently travelling down.

I'm sure that more eloquent musings on this subject will appear on Smiffy's blog in the near future so I'll derail my own ramblings on it here.

As the Plastic Population once stated with the aid of Yazz: The only way is up! At least it is if you ignore everything in a downwards direction.

Prediction: We've had the darkness so it's now time for the dawn: a win for Mossley.

Oh! And before I forget, all being well something should be making a return to the blog over the weekend that hasn't been seen on it for a while now...