First Right After Sainsbury's

Or left before Sainsbury's if your're coming the other way!

Yes, it's the second match in this seasons 'Curzon trilogy' which means that Mossley make their first ever trip to the imaginatively titled Tameside Stadium.

For those who've not yet visited this relatively new edifice on Ashton Moss, here's what you can expect:
  • It's a nice ground (which for the reputed £4m spent on it, it should be) but it suffers like most modern stadia from being a cold and soul less place. Other than the seats, which the grumpies have taken up residence in, there's no obvious focal point for fans to congregate together.

  • The terracing opposite the main stand offers great views of the pitch but the high roof offers little protection from the strong winds, and the inclement weather it can bring, that gusts across the Moss. It's peculiar height (which seems to do more with aesthetics than practicality) also allows any noise generated under it to disipate quickly, apart from that which comes from above via the ridiculously loud P.A system.

  • Speaking of which, keep an ear out for when the substitutions start happening as they always seem to confuse the hell out of the match announcer.

  • The pitch on the otherhand is superb, especialy when you consider that only last May it looked like games were being played on a scale replica of Southport beach.. It's a perfect surface for knocking the ball around on and, frankly, I doubt we'll play on one better than it this season.
Back in August Curzon came from behind to run out deserved 2 - 1 winners at Seel Park; Michael Norton and the recently departed Ryan Moore cancelling out Kitson Gayle's early opener.

Recently though the seemingly invincible Curzon have stumbled slightly, winning only two of their last six matches in all competitions and enter the match having claimed only a point at a Chorley side on the brink of their annual "Iceberg! Right ahead!" moment. It's a run of form however that Mossley enviously eye having managed just a win and a draw in their last seven outings.

The loss of Rhodri Giggs through suspension will hit Curzon's attacking options hard. However they still have enough pace and, in Michael Norton and Douglas Pringle, enough players with an eye for goal in their side to cause us problems, particularly if we sit deep and try to play a counter attacking game

The one real weak link Curzon have is their defence who do look a bit suspect when teams actually take the game to them rather than sit back. Add in a goalkeeper with a tendency to flap on occasions at high balls and there are enough chinks in the Blues armour for Mossley to try and exploit. Fingers crossed.

Prediction: It's going to be tough, it's going to be cold, it's going to be a win for Mossley.