Guiseley Are Coming!

It's an early chance for Mossley to gain revenge for their FA Cup exit at the hands of Guiseley as they welcome the Yorkshire side to Seel Park; a mere seven days after the Lilywhite's conspired to hand them the tie with a piece of slapstick that Max Sennet would have killed for to be in one of his movies.

Were we mugged? No. If you voluntarily give someone something it can't be classed as a mugging and we literally fell over ourselves to hand them the winning goal.

And with neither side having played midweek there's nothing really that I can add to the preview I did for last week's game other than to reiterate that we've never beaten Guiseley. It remains to be seen just how many people will make the short trip down the M62 from Yorkshire, but judging by their crowd last Saturday they could be short in numbers if the fixture is clashing with a Darby & Joan meeting.

We will however hopefully get the opportunity to once again marvel at the magnificently coiffured hair of Guiselelys forward Clarke. He looks like a Premiership footballer and, by jove, he plays like one too - unfortunately for him, one that plays for Manchester City. And as a Blue you don't know how hard it is to write that.

Prediction: Under the belief that you say it often enough it will happen - a win for Mossley. Seriously though, last week's game showed that for all the bragging and boasting being done in pre-season about their wealth, Guiseley were nothing more than very ordinary side. As long as we stop the mistakes at the back and finally click in the last third of the pitch, we should have nothing to worry about. Now if this were a film we'd be cutting straight to me sat at the computer writing a report on a 6-0 defeat...