Doppelgang Land

Yes, the old Mossley80's intermittent look-a-like section is back - not so much with a bang but more of a muffled clump. It has been over 18 months since its last appearance and this has been down to two factors:

1. It was cursed.
Unbelievable as it may seem, any player featured in a Doppelgangland update had usually left the club within a month of it being published on the web. Tony Coyne, Matty Taylor... gone within four weeks.

2. I'm rubbish at it.
Honestly, I am - totally useless. If it wasn't for DJ and, in particular, Welly, the staple section of all football fanzines would have failed to exist.

Hopefully though the break has killed the curse off so, without further ado, we restart with a first for the section - a submission from someone recommending themselves:
And another first - one I've come up with:
If anybody has anymore, please get in touch via and I'll put them up on here.