That Was The Week That Was

Apologies for the appropriation of a familiar title to headline this post but the alternative - a lengthy roll call of team names - would be quite cumbersome.

Having not attended any of the friendly games this season it’s somewhat difficult to write about what happened in those matches other than to just recite the score line. The internet being what it is though, I can do a run through of Mossley AFC’s on-field activities over the past week via links to pages written by people who don’t share my current apathy towards football and actually saw the games in question.

July 24th saw Welsh Premier League side Bala Town make their first (and given that they lost, possibly last) trip to Seel Park. Details of Mossley’s 3-1 win can be read about here, photographs of the game are on Six Tame Sides and if you look at Bala’s official site you’ll find it wasn’t worth bothering.

20 miles away on the same day Mossley’s shiny new reserve team were playing at Bacup Borough where they lost 2-0 to their Vodkat League hosts. Should you wish to know more about what happened, follow this link and scroll down the page a bit. If you’re reading this a good while after the post date that’s under the main heading, scroll down the page a lot. And if you’re reading this a few months from now, be prepared for there being nothing there at all.

Last Tuesday saw Droylsden make the short trip across Tameside and just as they did in pre-season last year, they left Seel Park with a win, albeit a much narrower one. Reports on the 1-0 reversal are here and here. But not here.

Saturday saw Mossley pick up their first trophy of the season (he said hopeful of more) at Hurst Cross in the shape of the Willow Wood Hospice Cup. A collection of words about the Lilywhites’ penalty shout out victory can be viewed on Mossleyweb and Six Tame Sides, while video footage of various incidents in the game lives here.

The reserves meanwhile were registering a 2-0 win at Cheadle Town and details of this fixture are available for your perusal on a Town supporter’s blog.

The next instalment of Mossley’s pre-season campaign is a meeting with Hyde this coming Tuesday (03/08) at Seel Park. I won’t be there to see what transpires (apathy it turns out is fantastically addictive) but I’m sure someone will and hopefully there’ll be a link or two to their thoughts and opinions on here some time later in the week.