Mossley 3 - 2 Hyde

I know it’s a week late (consider this a sneak preview of what to expect with the blog this coming season) but if you’ve been on tenterhooks as to how Mossley got on against Hyde FC then prepare to unhook those tenters.

Because I’m settling rather comfortably into the role of not being ‘a real supporter’, my presence at this game was similar to all the other fixtures Mossley have played this pre-season: elsewhere; a situation which means that once again I can provide you with nothing more than a series of links that will take you to the thoughts and opinions of people who were bothered enough to turn up. So, and without further ado, click here, here and here.

What can we read into the result? Well, because it’s pre-season absolutely nothing as these fixtures are the epitome of pointlessness when it comes to judging what may or may not happen over the coming eight or so months. However, that hasn’t stopped some Chorley fans declaring a pre-season victory over Hyde a sign that they’re going to win the league. If such a victory is an omen (don’t laugh, they may be right!) it looks like we could be adding silver polish to the clubs shopping list come April time.

And yes, it does appear those Magpie fans are being serious as it’s the latest in a long list of comments on that forum which suggest Chorley are going to fill the ‘arrogant and annoying supporters’ vacuum left in the wake of Halifax’s promotion to the Evo-Stik Premier. Which is awfully nice of them.