Colwyn Bay 3 - 1 Mossley

If you've come here looking for a match report on the Colwyn Bay game then I'm afraid I'm going to have to tell you to move along as there's nothing to see here.

The same also applies if you've landed here looking for fun and entertainment too. If you have, jeepers, have you come to the wrong corner of the internet! But thanks for visiting - if only for the split-second it takes for you to realise your mistake.

Anyway, back to all things Mossley and Bay-like and the reason why there's nothing to see is because I wasn't at the game. Therefore I can't bring you my own view on what happened, though I'd hazard a guess it would include something about the number of fixtures we've played recently, along with other statements that can always be chucked into a report at this time in of the season to fill up a couple of paragraphs.

And neither can I like the last time I missed a game in Cymru bring you an 'alternative' report on the game. Time constraints mean that further tales of Helsen Blackstarr, if indeed there are to be any more, will have to wait for another day. Before I dwell though on how much that last sentence will have confused an awful lot of people, I'll give you a brief run down of what I do know about the match thanks to the Twittering of Rhys Wynne.

Despite taking an early lead though a Mike Fish penalty (the fourth consecutive game in which, shoulder-shrugging fact fans, we've been awarded a spot-kick), an unlikely victory against one of our numerous bogey sides wasn't to be. A goal in each half from Anthony Sheehan sandwiched an apparent peach of a volley from Adriano Rigoglioso and ensured that once again, the Lilywhites would be making the trip back home along the A55 with nought to show for their cross border excursion.

Further details of what happened in the land of Gog will undoubtedly appear here at some point in the very near future. And once the oppositions view of proceedings makes its way onto the net, a link to that will pop up on here too. I know, I do spoil you at times.