Thirty Nine Years Ago In West Germany...

Regular readers of this much bypassed outpost on the internet may recall a video I posted back in the summer of Bayern Munich's new kit launch.

Rather than showing off the latest kit it was a lesson to us all as to why you shouldn't shower money on pretentious P.R. firms.

However, it turns out that the Germans have a history for this kind of thing...

The year is 1970 and the people of West Germany are about to witness the unveiling of the kits for the new Bundesliga season on the fernsehen. That's not good enough for the the TV company though who have invited some local fashion designers to come up with better, more colourful ideas.

Things get going around the 24 second mark so you've got time to put a cushion on the floor before your bottom jaw hits it:


Anonymous said...
8:55 pm

I can actually understand most of that German