High And Hopefully Dry

What could be better than playing Woodley twice in a week? Yes, you’re right: almost anything! But thanks to last Sunday’s draw we now get the opportunity to face them three times in seven days. If only you could see the lack of enthusiasm I typed that last sentence with.

All being well the weather will be less Niagara like at Seel Park, allowing a better game to take place. Well that’s the theory anyway. As we know in Mossley, the weather isn't the most predictable of things.

What we can look forward too though I’m sure are more amateur dramatics from Woodley’s semi-professional repertory company. Do look out though for some scarily accurate portrayals of extras in the opening twenty minutes of Saving Private Ryan though when they lose the ball.

Prediction: As I wrote in the last preview, I never get three in a row right hence the decision to tip Woodley for the win, thereby ensuring that they wouldn’t. This time around I’m really not so sure what the eventual result will be - Sunday’s game was hardly the most helpful of pointers.

I’m going to chicken out and say that the match will go to extra-time having made up a new rule that I only predict what the score will be at the end of ninety minutes.