Harrogate R.A. 1 - Mossley

If you've clicked here in the hope of finding a report on Mossley's game at Harrogate I'm afraid you're going to be a trifle disappointed.

Due to my, and judging by the attendance many others, non-appearance I've no idea what actually happened other than: a) it finished one apiece, b) Gareth Hamlet scored in the last minute to give Mossley a point and c) it may have been fortunate. On the other hand tonight's Oldham Chronicle says that a point was the least we deserved after dominating the game. For a more in depth analysis may I suggest visiting Smiffy's blog at some point over the next few hours as he was one of the 102 people who actually did attend the match.

I had thought of filling the remaining space with an overview of the Woodley - Curzon game that took place on Tuesday but life's too short to relive another match where the ball spent a minimal amount of time in contact with the grass Field Turf™ and bore you to death with the specifics. Or rather the lack of them such was banality of it all.

However, as not to make this an entirely wasted trip to Mossley80, here's a video of the moment a Mexican bull, tired of being humiliated and made a laughing stock of by a matador of restricted height, decides to get his own back.

A word of advice: this clip is probably not safe for work, impressionable minds and people of pure thought. So don't say I didn't warn you...