Off To Fleetwood (For The 3rd Time...)

The penultimate match of Mossley’s brief visit to the Unibond Premier Division sees them travel to the Fylde coast in a game rearranged from last February.

Since that day two months ago, when the game was called off an hour before it was due to start, Fleetwood have put together a sequence of results that’s enabled them to make an assault on one of the four play-off spots that are available. Whilst this was going on Mossley were cementing their place in the First Division for next season, something they managed with three games left to spare.

Last month saw the first meeting of the season between two sides at Seel Park but despite a battling display in which they controlled most of the possession, the home side fell to a solitary goal. It was a one goal deficit that also saw off Mossley's League Cup aspirations last November at Highbury, a competition that Fleetwood went on to win against Matlock last week.

Prediction: We’ve got to win at least one more game before the season finishes, haven’t we? And ever the eternal optimist I think we’ll hit the 35 point mark (that plenty of web sites have us reaching by seasons end) before the clock strikes ten at night on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...
5:58 pm

just hope we get a stay of execution , with all the restructuring of the leagues etc..

'wash your moth out son...
and go get your daddys gun
we'll shoot all the celtic scum

etc etc


Anonymous said...
5:59 pm

err mouth


think my keyboards ucked ! lol