Leek Town Are Coming!

Where would we be without Leek Town? Well, one place nearer the bottom for a start, but this Saturday we welcome the Staffordshire side to Seel Park for the first time in almost 14 years for the game everyone's been waiting for. Yes, it's the BIG one:

The team with the worst home record in the league versus the team with the worst away record in the league.

It's hardly a unique selling point that will lead to long queues forming at the turnstiles but you've got to admit that, for a neutral supporter at least, there's a certain morbid curiosity about two of the worst teams facing off against one another.

Even though we haven't yet reached December there's no denying the importance that this fixture already holds. A victory for Leek will suck Mossley further into the quicksand at to the foot of the table, whilst a win for the home side will leave the visitors nine points adrift of not only safety but the 'test your luck' position of fourth bottom as well. And if it’s a draw neither side will really be happy...

To say that both sides enter the match on a run of poor form would be something of a gross understatement: Mossley and Leek haven't won in the league for seven and six games respectively; Saturday's visitors have only managed one point and four goals in their ten games 'on the road' so far this season; Mossley on the other hand have conceded more goals at home than anyone else and haven't scored a goal in open play for 338 minutes.

Town however do have history on their side as in the previous six league meetings between the two teams they've won three and lost only once. In fact their last visit to Seel Park in the 92/93 season saw them head back to Harrison Park with three points following a remakably comfortable 4-0 win.

Prediction: It's a must-win for the Lilywhite's and I'm certain that it's a target they'll have achieved come 5:50 on Saturday afternoon.


Mike Smith said...
12:10 am

5-50 ??? Will it take that long to sink in ?? Are we using "Fergie's watch" - or are you still on BST Stephen ??

SJNR said...
11:09 am

I'm allowing for injury time Smiffy!