Chip Wrappers: 17/11/2006


That was the sound I made as I keeled over backwards in a state of shock after glimpsing the back page of this week's Reporter:

For the first time this season (not including the couple of sentences mentioning us in the preview of the new campaign) not only have we made the the back of the paper but we're the main story too. And it makes for some interesting reading.

Below are some of the quotes directly attributed to Mossley's manager that have been taken from the article:

"There's a lot of football to (be) played and I'm confident our luck will change."

"Saturday was a game of missed chances, on another day we could have had four or five, but the longer the game went on, the more you realised it wasn't going to be our day."

"To be honest we looked a little lightweight in central midfield. The new signings need time to settle in."

"I'm confident we've got the quality, it's whether we've got the strength of character now, and I think we have."

"We are looking to the experienced players like Eyresy (David Eyres) to help one or two young signings that, over time, will make us better."

""There is one area of the squad we might be looking at strengthening... ... but I'm happy with the group of players I have got."

"It's too early to be worried about league positions, whatever Saturday's result was, it wasn't going to determine our position in the league come the end of the season."

"We've made the necessary changes and we're in a situation now where we need people to be strong, and if that happens, I'm sure we'll be fine."

I'm not sure our current predicament is solely down to a lack of luck (and a few of the other comments raise the odd eyebrow too) but I'm sure you'll all have your own thoughts about what is (or isn't) there.

And that's not the end of the good news in The Reporter because they've finally got round to printing a Unibond Premier League table that looks like the actual Unibond Premier League table! Wonders, cease, etc.

Over at the Advertiser they've given the majority of the back page over (quite correctly too) to Curzon's weekend game in the Vase against Parkgate. Next to it is a small article about Stalybridge Celtic's upcoming centenary. What it doesn't say though is whether it's to do with the club being 100 years old or what they expect their average gate to have dropped to within a couple of months (judging by recent trends).

Till next week...