Skelmersdale United 4 - 0 Mossley

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”
Benjamin Franklin (1789)

“And heavy defeats at Skelmersdale United” 

Addendum by Mossley supporters (2009 - ?)

For the fourth season running Mossley returned home from the Lancashire new town with nothing to show for their troubles other than a defeat and a significant reduction in their goal difference.  By all accounts (by which I mean those
here and here) we didn't play too badly but that doesn't really offer much comfort when you've had four unanswered goals put past you.

To be truthful I (and I expect a good number of my fellow Mossley supporters) didn't really think that there'd be any other outcome to this match than the total in our league table's loss column rising by one.  Ever since Skelmersdale switched to their new home at Stormy Corner we've struggled to keep our encounters with them there to anything even approaching a narrow defeat.  Yet another location to add to the long list of bogey grounds Mossley currently have; a list that's getting so big that it probably won't be too long before Seel Park gets put on it as well... only joking! That's not likely to happen is it?

 Is it? (laughs nervously)