Woodley Sports 3 - 4 Mossley

For the first time in five years Mossley got a new calendar year off to a winning start in what match reports are apparently legally obliged to call 'a seven goal thriller'.

At least I assume it was a thriller. Reports I've heard on the game do suggest it wasn't without its moments of high excitement, particularly in the second half when 5 of the match's 7 goals were scored. The first half however apparently contained little in the way of drama until both sides found the back of the net in its final minute.

Three of Mossley's goals came from last season's leading scorer Matty Kay but the pick of the bunch, as I'm lead to believe, was yet another effort from long range by Kristian Dennis; up until a month and a half ago a former Woodley player and someone who it appears is at his most lethal in front of goal when it's a dot on the horizon.

The win puts the Lilywhites comfortably into mid-table and it's a position they'll remain in for a while even if they keep winning due to the points gap between them and the teams directly above - the ones fighting it out for a play-off spot. With 28 games left to play it's certainly not an insurmountable gap and the possibility of closing it and finishing in the top 5 (no matter how faint it may seem at the moment) will make the next four months a little more interesting than we expected.

However, if I've jinxed everything by sharing that little bit of optimism and we now go on one of our not-exactly-uncommon losing streaks, please feel free to ignore the last paragraph and create one of your own based around a theme of looking over our shoulders nervously at the foot of the table.