Chester 3 - 0 Mossley

A fixture against the league leaders is not something you look forward to when the side you support is hovering just above the foot of the table. Doubly so when indiscipline in a cup match a fortnight earlier means four regular starters are spending the Saturday afternoon elsewhere through suspension.

There are those rare times though when everything is stacked against you and all hope looks lost, that adversity brings triumph and the underdog succeeds. The one positive that seems id to have come from the game - that we only lost 3-0 - should give you an indication that this wasn't one of those said times.

Of course being one of those namby-pamby fair weather fans I didn't make the journey to Chester; £16 on a train ticket and £9 on an entrance fee (plus whatever it cost to buy something to eat) is not something I'm willing to fork out on when money isn't exactly abundant. I'll be honest too and say that the desire to attend was also tempered by the fact I wasn't expecting a positive result of any kind at the Exacta Stadium. I did think though that we might have had them on the back foot for a few passages of the game but that doesn't appear to have happened. The comments I've heard and read from the supporters who did attend (both Mossley and Chester) doesn't paint the Lilywhites performance in too great a light.

If you'd prefer to make your own mind up on how the Lilywhites played rather than rely on the opinions of others, watching the games highlights may help you come towards a conclusion and you can do just that by clicking on this link.

So in conclusion, we lost a game and no-one is particularly shocked that we did. A verdict which could be the default one for the coming months if we're not too careful.