Goals. Juddering, Stuttering Goals

As promised a little over 24 hours ago, the goals from the Lancaster City match presented in glorious 256 colour, 8-bit jerky-o-vision.

To view them just click on the images and the footage will open in a new tab (or a new window if you're still mad enough to be using Internet Explorer 6). There's also audio that accompanies the clips and instructions on how to the marry the two will be beneath the animations.

So enjoy. If you can...

I know its a ridiculous way of showing the goals but that's ridiculous Unibond League rules for you.


Anonymous said...
8:21 pm

what are th laws from the unibond

SJNR said...
8:58 pm

You're not allowed to put video or any half decent footage on YouTube or other video sharing sites in case it "harms the integrity of the league or its sponsors." They have their own website to do that.

If you do put video online then the club is likely to be punished even if it had nothing to with it.

And that's why they're ridiculous.