Never Ceasing Wonders

Following a fortnight of gloomy rumours and fleeting mentions of possible meetings involving a forever changing selection of people, the “official” news blackout that surrounds Mossley AFC came to an end with this:

There will be a meeting for all interested in the future well being of Mossley AFC at Seel Park this coming Wednesday evening at 8pm.

It is vital that everyone who cares about the club's future attends this meeting!

It might only be 39 words but there are enough lines for some people to have read between and come to the conclusion that those who go will be witnessing some Bob Geldof style requests for money. If that does indeed turn out to be the case I get the feeling there’s going to be some big disappointment in store for the people sat at the top table – whoever they turn out to be.

While the credit crunch is no doubt hitting football clubs hard, it’s not as though the supporters are immune from the current financial woes.

Not only that I have a feeling that the number of people in attendance (or rather the lack of them) will cause a certain amount of displeasure too. But then two days notice is hardly enough to rally the troops for a vitally important meeting about the future well being of the club.

That it also clashes with the England game is an oversight of incredible proportions too. Yes, those with the best interests of the club at heart will turn up but it’s not those the powers that be should be appealing to. It’s those with just a passing interest in the club they should be trying to entice and given the choice they’ll be sat at home watching Andorra stick eleven men behind the ball.

Whatever happens it might just be that around 10:00pm tomorrow evening we could have some answers to a fortnight's worth of questions. If we don't and end the night none the wiser there'll be more than a few people wanting to put the dis in front of gruntled.