Rainy Days

As expected Mossley's home match against Garforth became a casualty of the modern January climate; the pitch, rather unsurprisingly following a week of almost non-stop precipitation, being declared waterlogged early on Saturday morning.

It means that Mossley's 2008 points drought will go on for another week but, on a positive note, the postponement means that I've got my first correction prediction of the year! (See the match preview below if you don't believe me.)

Normally a blank weekend would provide the opportunity to take in another local game but having little enthusiasm for seeing Woodley play for umpteenth time this season, I decided to do a few other things.

Including wondering why over 50 people from Tameside Council's head office googled Mossley80 over the past six days.

It would be nice to think they're doing so because they've heard good things about it (can't imagine what though) but there's more chance that given their recent (some would say 'Stalin-esque') approach to the Tameside Eye web site, they're scouring net on the lookout for other blogs and sites to shut down – no doubt for also pointing out that some of our elected representatives shouldn't be allowed to cut their own food up let alone make decisions that affect 1000's of people.

Then again I suppose that when the local media offers no dissenting voice to your actions, it's only a short step to believing that no one else should either.

It's always good to finish on a lighter note though, so in lieu of a match report here (for no reason whatsoever) are three football/stretcher related mishaps:

#3: Despite being near neighbours, China and Japan don't really get along too well and it appears that there's no chance of the political frostiness that exists between the two being thawed through sport either. Not only is the Chinese under-21 player the recipient of a nasty looking challenge, he also has to contend with the Japanese medical team trying to finish him off. They put those straps on stretchers for a reason...

#2: Closer to home now with the Bundesliga and the perfect response to people who say that the German's don't have a sense of humour. How many British medical teams would attempt to cheer up an injured player by inviting him to nibble on their testicles whilst he's carried off? Either that or they've run out of smelling salts...

#1: “To me,” “ To you”: Not only the catch phrase of the Chuckle Brothers but the motto of this first aid team in one small corner of Europe. And just like any adventure involving the mustachioed Yorkshire men, hilarious consequences ensue. Unless, of course, you’re the person being stretchered off.

Things worth looking out for include the exact moment that the man in the sunglasses realises that things are about to go pear shaped, along with his head scratching “Utter morons” reaction to the events that follow...

Next week: Some football, possibly.