Out In The Cold

It's amazing to think that on a cold Wednesday night in October, people have other things better to do other than watch a match at Seel Park.

However, the few (we reasonably cheerful few) who did make the effort to turn up and watch Mossley Reserves vs. Marsden were treated to what can only be described as... a game of football.

What transpired pretty much followed the pattern of recent first team games - Mossley dominating for a prolonged period before the opposition score the one goal that settles the encounter. On this occasion it was a Mark Viduka look-a-like that prodded in a second half winner from the (yes!) edge of the six yard box.

On the plus side Jamie Miller made it through his first game back from the injury he picked up whilst scoring against Bradford P.A. without any visible ill effects, and SAS and Thommo made their first appearances in a Mossley shirt since their return to the club. As an exercise in helping players get back to match fitness, the game ceratinly served its purpose.

Another positive is that none of St Joseph's School windows need replacing and paying for. Honestly, in all my years watching Mossley I've never seen the ball end up in the school as often as it did in the first half through some enthusiastic yet off-target shooting. Unfortunately it also happened to be the end that we were attacking...

It wasn't the best game in the world by any stretch of the imagination, but there aren't many better ways to part with four pound coins in the name of entertainment. Unless its to viciously throw it at the heads of people on public transport who insist on sharing their crap musical tastes through the speakers of their mobile phones.