To Cheadle. Yes... Cheadle.

The FA Cup trail begins once again as we, along with hundreds of other starry eyed teams, start out on the quest to become plucky underdogs at such exotic locales as Kettering and Leigh.

With FA regulations still not allowing Woodley to play FA Cup games on their artificial surface, the Lambeth Grove side have chosen to fore-go the income generated by what was usually one of their biggest attendances of the season by playing the match in a) Cheadle and b) on a Sunday afternoon. Still who needs an intense atmosphere when you’ve got air horns and a bag of broken crockery to rattle.

Both sides have undergone many changes since we last met, the biggest one being that it’s no longer a case of Mossley A vs. Mossley B but Mossley A vs. Winsford United 06/07.

Following last seasons departure of manager Ally Pickering (and that of Tony Hancock before him), Woodley have continued their policy of recruiting ex-Mossley players to manage their team by appointing Chris Willcock to run the playing side of things. A challenge he accepted by recruiting a sizable proportion of the team that played under him last season at Winsford.

Yes, gone are the days when Woodley's recruitment policy appeared to be picking up whichever player Mossley had left beside the bins on a Monday morning. Only Sergio Mario Daniel remains of the people who once pulled on the white shirt.

Our last match against Woodley was the memorable for all the wrong reasons 5-0 thumping we got on the plastic carpet back in January 2006. The build-up to that game, if you recall, involved our previous manager giving a team talk to both sides prior to kick-off (Woodley's via the medium of a piece in the local paper) and it only fired one starting XI up.

The game got off to a bad start for the visitors (conceding a goal in the first minute) before getting progressively worse (three down after 10 minutes). The cherry was then applied to the top of the cake in the last minute with that good old Mossley staple: a penalty miss. Looking back on the events of that afternoon it's hard to believe that we actually won the league title three months later.

However that was then, this is now and with a whole host of new faces at both clubs it will be interesting to see a match between the two sides without the baggage that has come with it over the past few years.

For the winners: £1000 and a trip to either Hallam or Emley in a fortnight. For the losers: the prospect of it happening all over again six days later at Seel Park in a league fixture.

Prediction: After two correct predictions I’m presented with something of a dilemma. I’ve never before done the hat-trick and there’s a good chance that this won’t be any different so what do I do? Should I put down what I think will be the outcome or do I try and trick fate into providing the result I secretly want? Decisions, decisions.

Hmm... what the hey… a win for Woodley.


Mike Smith said...
2:41 am

A win for Woodley ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...
12:15 pm

Very educated guess there my friend. Great preview btw.