Chip Wrappers: Extra

Yes, it's back!

It's been briefly brought out of hibernation specifically for the following which is from the match report in tonight's Oldham Chronicle for last Saturday's game:

The visitors snatched the lead late in the opening period after the fates again conspired against the Lilywhites when Chris Bolder’s shot was deflected off Stephen Sheil and looped over keeper Steve Wilson.
I'll say the fates conspired against us if it defelected off SAS; he was sat on the bench at the time!

It was hardly worth it wasn't it?

A match report on Saturday's game will be up on the blog once I work up the enthusiasm to re-focus on a game that contained little football of note to get excited about. When it does arrive though there'll be now mentions of "just being unlucky" or making reference to aimlessly throwing everyone forward in the last ten minutes being some kind of masterplan. Put it this way, why should we applaud the efforts of those final ten minutes in attempting to get a draw when there was precious little invention and nous shown in some quarters over the course of the preceeding 80 minutes in trying to obtain all three points?

Anyhoo, in the meantime, here's a picture of Mossley's defence keeping a close eye on Monty Panesar: